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One of my favorite Disney podcasts!

The girls are super knowledgeable about all things Disney related. I learn something new every single time I listen. Their enthusiasm is contagious!



I had the pleasure of meeting both of these beauties at midsummer scream & they are so kind!! I just started listening & I love every episode so far; I actually have to pace myself! I have been in a Disney rut over the last year & just feeling over it. And after listening to all the history & listening to how excited they are about the things I used to love has totally reignited that love for Disney & the mansion & parades! 10/10 would recommend!


Truly Educational

I thought I was a Disney nerd until I started listening to this podcast and realized how little I actually know. There is so much interesting info in each episode. I love the opportunity to just nerd out about Disney while I listen. Thank you!