A Landline Phone Interview with Rolly Crump - Show Notes!

Andrea and Meagan had the incredible opportunity to have a conversation with legendary Disney Imagineer, Rolly Crump! If you'd like to familiarize yourself with his art and his story, please check out these images/links. Rolly's stories are incredible, and he's got SO MANY! He actually has two books out that cover many of his stories. You can check the first one out here.

D23 Article about Rolly's Legacy
Rolly Crump's Website

Rolly's art was strange, and captivating. Here are some of our favorites -

Museum of the Weird sketches:

This plant drawing inspired the very famous wallpaper inside the Mansion!

The original sculpture of the Small World facade for Disneyland

One of Rolly's tiki sculpts that reside outside of the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room

Rolly just lookin' adorable with a tiki.

Walt and Rolly with another sculpt of the Small World facade.

We hope that you enjoyed our very exciting interview with Rolly!
It was an experience of a lifetime for us both. 


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