Haunted Mansion Holiday Part 1 - Show Notes!

What a wild episode this was!!! We adore the creations Tim Burton has made, and his legacy with the Disney company. Here are some drawings, highlights, and a peek into what was proposed by Imagineer Christopher Merritt.

Tim Burton at the Walt Disney Animation Studio.
He was a strange dude. Here's a good way to see into what he was like.

Here is Tim Burton speaking about his film Vincent, and other projects.

Please take a moment to watch Frankenweenie and Vincent here:

Tim worked on The Fox and the Hound, Tron, and The Black Cauldron.
Here are some of his drawings from those projects:


The Horned King

Here is some great work of his for the Nightmare Before Christmas!


Here are the concepts we spoke about created by Christopher Merritt for the Nightmare Before Christmas Attraction

(images sourced via Disneyandmore)

In the next episode we will cover the details of the attraction on the inside and what we love about it! Thank you for joining us for this episode.

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