The Disney Episode pt. 1 - Blossom - Show Notes!

Blossom has gifted us the first foray into Disney theme park sitcom experiences on television with the episode “Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men”. It is Season 3, episode 19. Beginning with a visit to Disneyland, one of the only times a show has gone to Disneyland instead of Walt Disney World. 

Blossom first debuted on television in 1989 and is a teenager’s sitcom. This episode is absolutely a look into a dramatic teenagers experience visiting Disneyland. The synopsis for the episode is: “When Nick gets a job at Disneyland as an Elvis impersonator, the rest of the family decides to take a trip to the Magic Kingdom. However, much of the magic is lost when Blossom catches Vinnie hugging another woman.” It’s seriously a wild ride.

If you choose to watch along with us, it is we watched directly on Amazon, we purchased the episode for $1.99. You can pick it up here.

There are other ways to watch the episode, but for Terms of Service reasons the episodes are a bit shuffled up, slowed down, sped up, etc, to escape copyright claims. Or, they are just straight up horrible quality and difficult to watch! If you are watching after you’ve listened to the episode then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it any way you decide to watch the episode. It’s a manic experience regardless!

Since this is our first experience doing a watch along, if you have any input, criticism, or any ideas on how we can improve your experience please let us know by emailing us at or contacting us via social media.