Til Death Do Us Part - Show Notes!

Andrea and Meagan take a trip up to the attic of the Haunted Mansion to discover some of the backstories behind the bride character in a continuation of the spooky series leading up to Halloween.

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Getting into the Haunted Mansion Attic scene and the bride, here are some of the visuals that can aid your episode experience:

Here is a little bit about Ken Anderson, the man behind many of the original scripts and illustrations.

Claude Coats Illustration (we spoke about his work briefly)

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall was the main inspiration
for Ken Anderson’s initial drawing of the “bride” character.

Here is Ken’s interpretation:

As you can see, Ken’s version is super similar,
but you’ll see how she evolves in Marc Davis illustrations...

MAJOR CORRECTION - In the episode, Meagan mentions the ship masts and ship weather-vane, those are in Disneyland - not Disney World. Disney World’s mansion is more inspired by English architecture and has a bat weather-vane.

After Ken had to surrender the reins of the project to Marc Davis, these are some images he came up with:
The above illustration is Marc Davis’ changes to the bride character, eventually landing on the Corpse Bride, the first bride within the Haunted Mansion. Here is a photo collage created by LongForgottenHauntedMansion.com of some photographs from the early 70’s of the actual Bride in the Attic:

Terrifying! The Corpse Bride existed from opening til the late 70’s.

Here is the next stage of the Bride, Meagan’s favorite “Round Eyes”

She existed roughly late 1970’s - 1995!

The legendary Beating Heart Bride who currently resides to this day (as of Oct, 2019) in Tokyo Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is a fan favorite, as well as Andrea’s favorite edition of the Bride.

The bride had slight changes in DL/WDW mid-way through her existence, where a veil was placed in front of her face. 

The next stage is who everyone knows and (maybe) loves, Constance Hatchaway, voiced by Kat Cressida!

Here is Constance’s stretching portrait, featuring the head of George (Hightower)

As Andrea mentioned, here is the breakdown of the connection between George Hightower and Constance Hatchaway. Also, here is the portrait with George’s head in intact in the Attic in WDW!

We mentioned the voice of Constance, Kat Cressida, has an audio book telling the story of her character, here is a link to the video featuring the book: Nupital Doom, The Haunting Tale of the Haunted Mansion Bride.

Here is a photo of the wedding ring in the ground at WDW:

if you can find it yourself let us know!

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