About Us

Theme park super fans (and for lack of a better term ‘Disney Goths’) Andrea Gilletti & Meagan Meli take you on an emotional rollercoaster through the past, present and future of the parks.

Sometimes it’s a world of laughter, sometimes a world of tears.

Meet The Hosts!


Meagan is an artist and Brooklyn, NY native who has been visiting theme parks regularly since she was a child. She mainly visited Walt Disney World and other regional parks until just in 2017 when she went on her first trip to Disneyland. Meagan has also visited Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea (multiple times), which is one of her favorite parks yet. Her favorite rides are the Haunted Mansion (in WDW) and Spaceship Earth, and her favorite animatronic show is the Country Bear Jamboree.


Andrea is also an artist (duh, it's how we met!) and an East Coast native living in Los Angeles near the promised land... I mean, Disneyland. Although she loved Disney as a kid she didn't discover her obsession with theme parks until she was able to visit as an adult, which is when she began to study every detail (and bring it up in every conversation.) She is overly attached to Kitchen Kabaret, has a Splash Mountain tattoo and cries at unexpected Christmas lights.
Crying at Disney launched in March 2019.
All episodes are produced, written, edited, and recorded by our hosts
Andrea Gilletti and Meagan Meli.
Crying at Disney is a production of Weepy Hollow, LLC.